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Featured Products

RAUH Polymers features three resin lines and countless grades. 

PermaFlex® is a family of thermoplastic elastomers designed in a range of durometers for maximum versatility.

Optimum® is a newly-developed copolyester engineered to provide economical solutions for numerous applications.


ElectraFlex® is a new conductive thermoplastic elastomer that will revolutionize the electronic, electric and manufacturing industries.

Varied performance features designed to offer SUPERIOR RESULTS for your project applications.
  • Elimination of costly manufacturing steps                          

  • Ease of processing

  • Injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming,  film manufacturing and rotomolding

  • Environmental advantages including Halogen Free grades and reduced scrap



High temperature resistance

High tensile strength

Chemical resistant performance


And more...

Download Rauh Polymers Line Card and contact us for complete in-stock grades.
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