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Optimum® is a newly-developed copolyester engineered to provide economical solutions.

Its exceptional design is for applications requiring:

  • High impact and durability

  • Exceptional scratch and mar resistance

  • High chemical resistance

  • Available in several grades

  • And more ...

Optimum is the cost-effective, environmentally friendly recyclable solution. Unmatched mechanical properties, eliminating the need for painting parts and the harmful volatile organic compounds associated with paint.

Optimum® copolyesters are a new development in polymer technology. They can meet the requirements and desires of engineers for the most demanding applications and cost effectiveness to enable the broadest possible applications. Optimum is a hard block copolyester of either, or both, crystalline and amorphous blocks, depending on grade.

The Optimum use is for applications that require high scratch and mar resistance, heat, UV and chemical resistance. The appearance of Optimum can be optically clear. Optimum in colors and tints can accept fillers such as metal flake without the loss of properties. The processability is superior, and the cost saving is tremendous with the elimination of painting parts.

As with other engineering thermoplastics, Optimum resin can be injection molded using standard equipment. The characteristic rheological behavior makes it easy to process, with good fill over long flow lengths at low pressure, with faster cycle times. Optimum grades cal also be extruded, blow molded or thermoformed.

Basic Properties

Optimum® copolyesters are a class of engineering polymers offering unmatched properties in combinations of high level mechanical, thermal, chemical and electrical properties:

  • High tensile and elongation

  • Abrasion, scratch and mar resistant

  • No break notched izod

  • High modulus

  • Ductile - can accept multiple bends and impacts without cracking or failure

  • No stress whitening

  • Hard with dart impact of >320 IP

  • HDT of >125 degrees C

  • Stability

  • Impact resistant

  • UV stable <3 DE color change 3000 kg

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Heat resistance >1000 hrs @ 150 degrees C

  • Ozone, water and hydrolysis

  • Cold resistance <-40 degrees C

  • Dishwasher safe

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